The significance of gold: You should be wondering that why are we pressing you on buying gold and investing in gold? You may know that gold has been in demand since the Byzantine Empire about 15,000 years ago and since READ MORE

Best Gold Bar Dealers

Gold bars are bought from Africa by jewellers and gold dealers as well as investors, who come from all around the world. This is because gold bars are a perfect way of investing and this is the type of investment READ MORE

Importance of Licensed Gold Dealers:

There are numerous gold sellers and dealers in Africa but there are a very few that can be fully trusted. There are so many cases of fraud and corruption that it becomes very difficult for the buyers to choose the READ MORE

Cheapest country to buy gold in 2017

Cheapest country to buy gold in 2017 with affordable prices   If you want cheap gold always makes sure you do your research in Uganda being the cheapest country right now to buy gold in 2017. Is profit maximization your READ MORE