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Buy gold bars with the best highest quality; If you want to invest in gold you must always make sure you invest in low priced gold because you need to make profits as soon as possible. if you are looking for cheap gold you need to buy it from Africa and not just anywhere in Africa through us because of there so many scammers in this trade. When we talk about the highest quality gold we mean 22k with 97.8% purity. Our gold bar doer’s purity is proved with the government laboratories under the ministry of mining. Our prices guarantee you profits because they are below the market prices all over the world.

Buy gold bars with the best highest quality in all quantities


We have the highest quality gold mined from the democratic republic of Congo and other neighbouring east African countries. Our gold is with the best purity and we sell it in different formats such as bars, dust and nuggets. We sell gold from as low as 200 grams much as we are a mining company. 22k gold bars are the most wanted gold quality in the whole world because it’s easily purified to 24k. We sell gold online overseas to different countries Dubai, Canada, China, USA, England and so many others with the best transportation companies in the country. All our transportation is insured by the best insurance company in the country.

Buy gold bars with the best highest quality with proper documentation


Most people attain gold illegally which is why they sell it without documentation. We are a legit company that trades gold with all the necessary documentation because it’s very unlawful to invest in gold today without proper documentation which makes it a very risky subject. Therefore if you have always feared to invest in gold in Africa because of documents its time because we have the highest quality gold of all time which is a source of wealth.

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