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What you need to know about diamond


The value for diamond is normally determined using the four characteristics. These four characteristics of diamond correspond to the carat, cut, clarity an color. Its these 4c’s that are used to determine diamonds retail value. Cut: refers to the diamond’s reflective properties, clarity: refers to the occurrence of inner flaws or inclusions in the diamond, color: refers to the presence or absence of a diamond’s color, Carat refers to the weight of the diamond.

Diamond ready for sale should always have a diamond certificate which is also a grading report. A grading report is a complete evaluation of diamond used by executed by qualified professionals using specialized gemological instruments. A diamond certificate details all the exact measurements, weight and details of its cut and quality. But most importantly a certificate identifies the diamond’s unique characteristics and quality except the monetary value for the stone.

Benefits of investing in diamond with DR CONGO GOLD LTD


The more the carats you purchase the more the discounts which makes us the perfect company for you to invest with. If you are interested in investing in diamond then you should be willing to come to our offices in Uganda, South Africa and Dubai to initiate business. Diamond is precious and the most expensive metal for you to invest in. imagine if you invest in diamond at the most affordable prices for the stones. Our diamond has a grading report that is fully certified with recognized diamond laboratories all you need is to contact us through our email or via the contact form below as soon as possible.

Where to find or buy diamond


Are you looking for where to find or buy diamond? Come to Uganda, South Africa or Dubai at our official offices we have enough diamond that you are looking for in all shapes and sizes. As a legit company we only sell diamond with proper certification. We have perfect rough diamond stones ready on sell all you need is to communicate to us for more information. We await you for proper business with accurate wholesale diamond prices.

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