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Buy wholesale gold bullion from the best gold dealers

Buy wholesale gold bullion from the best gold dealers

Why you should invest in our gold bullion


Most importantly we are the best gold dealers in Africa with legit and reliable gold procedures that mostly favor gold traders or investors. The ultimate reason why all investors should invest in gold is because of its being a store value and safe haven for capital. Its on record that gold is the only currency that has survived for 5000 years of history always retaining its value. First and foremost why you all should invest in the precious metal is, the gold market is stable, free of inflation and speculation, information is relevant and sourced everywhere you go. So if you have been investing in stocks and bonds try gold you will have made the best investment decision for your finance of all time. Buy wholesale gold bullion from the best gold dealers.

Buy wholesale gold bullion from us in any quantity


DR CONGO GOLD LTD is at your disposal for wholesale gold bullion at the best price offers for you to invest today. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in gold with us. We have a wide range of quantities that base on your budget in bars, nuggets and dust in 24k and 22k all from the richest gold mines in Congo. Whatever quantity of gold that you need you will get it here with us. It doesn’t matter a handful or kilogram you can still come and buy your gold from us. It’s from one that 100 emerge.

As the best gold dealers we provide legit documentation


As a professional and legit company DR CONGO GOLD LTD provides all the necessary and required documentation for transportation of your gold. All kinds of purchases whole sale or retail we still provide the required documents. We also do FOB shipping of all bulk gold brought from us. And our wholesale gold comes with free shipping to your destination. All you need to do is to make contact to us through skype or the contact form below


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