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Which Gold Coin To Buy? Factors To Consider

Which Gold Coin To Buy? Factors To Consider


Which Gold Coin To Buy? Factors To Consider: With many countries already suffering the brunt of international political and economic chaos, inflation has been steadily rising since the invasion of Ukraine. This inflationary growth has also been fuelled by the injection of billions and trillions of dollars and euros into the Western economies. In response to this, many investors have picked up the idea of putting their money in precious metals. A big number of such investors believe that by buying gold, silver, and other precious metals; they can protect their wealth from inflation in case fiat currencies collapse. One of the most recognized ways of investing in these metals is by acquiring bullion – gold bars and gold coins. Since gold coins are the most portable, they have become the investors’ favorite. However, one question often arises: which gold coin to buy?

The question of which gold coin to buy is one that can be answered from many perspectives

The first factor to consider when deciding on which gold coin to buy is the number of coins that have been minted. The reason for this is that you should buy a gold coin that you can easily resale, in case you need quick liquidity. Coins that have been produced in large numbers are likely to be more recognizable and popular. If you are to go by this consideration, then you need to know how many of the “Big Four” one-ounce gold coins are currently in circulation:
The Kruggerand: this South African gold coin has approximately 60 million pieces in circulation (20230 data). Its minting started in 1967 and it enjoyed worldwide acceptance thereafter. However, between the 1970s and the 1980s, its popularity in the international markets declined. This was a result of the Boycott protests against apartheid in South Africa. The Krugerrand is a 22-carat coin with a percentage of 91.67% gold in it.

The Canadian Maple Leaf: it is not known how many pieces of this gold coin are in circulation. However, some sources put it at 23 million, minted between 1973 – 2013. The Canadian Royal Mint, however, says that it does not publish the production data of the coin. The first Maple Leafs were 22 Karat gold (1979, 1980, and 1981). Later, the purity of the gold coin was increased to 24 karats (99.99% pure gold). These are some of the facts that you be abreast with as you decide on which gold coin to buy.

The American Eagle: Still asking yourself about which gold coin to buy? Maybe it could be the American Eagle. However, before you get to that, here are some facts about this gold coin. The total number of this gold coin minted from 1986 onwards stands at 18.7 million pieces. It was the first gold coin to be minted from the United States of America and has since then been considered the most popular in the states.

The American Buffalo: This coin has approximately 600,000 coins in circulation. After Canada had minted the 24 karat gold coin, the Americans also responded by producing the buffalo. The first pieces of this gold coin were minted in 2006 and were quickly accepted in the United States of America. This knowledge is very important as you decide on which gold coin to buy.

The other factors to consider are the designs and specifications

The Krugerrand is 33.93 grams (1.09 troy ounces). This means that it contains 1 ounce of pure gold. Its diametric measurements are 32.77 millimeters (1.28 inches) and 2.84 millimeters (0.11 inches) thick. It bears the portrait of Paul Kruger, South Africa’s president who ruled between 1833 to 1900 on the obverse, and the South African gazelle on the reverse.

The Maple Leaf gold coin from Canada is a bit smaller and lighter, owing to the fact that it is a 24-carat gold coin. It weighs 31.11 grams and is 30 millimeters in diameter and 2.23 millimeters thick. If your choice of which gold coin to buy hinges on lightness and purity, then this could be the coin to take home. It bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse and the maple leaf on its back. Over the years, Queen Elizabeth’s portrait has been updated about three times, to match her age and appearance.

The American Eagle is 33.930 grams, 32.7 millimeters in diameter, and 2.87 millimeters thick. By law, the Americans use only the gold mined from the United States in making it. On the reverse, it bears the picture of Lady Liberty, and on the other side, we can behold a male eagle hovering over a nest that contains an olive branch.

Finally, the American Buffalo, a 24-carat gold coin, is somewhat lighter and smaller. It weighs 31.108 grams, is 32.7 millimeters in diameter, and has a thickness of 2.95 millimeters. It bears a portrait of a Native American on the obverse, and on the reverse; the American buffalo. The information we have presented here is very critical when deciding on which gold coin to buy. Weight and purity are very essential in determining ease of sale, value, and ease of storage.

None of the options presented above are bad

In terms of popularity ranking, the South African Krugerrand is the most popular; followed by the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the American. The American Golden Buffalo trails, owing to the fact that it came into existence about 16 years ago. So, when deciding on which gold coin to buy, you base your judgment on some or all of the information you have imbibed from this article. If you would like to know more about how you can buy gold bars, gold coins, and gold dust from the Democratic Republic of Congo, please feel free to contact us in order to buy gold at the cheapest rates.

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