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If you are looking for the cheapest country to buy gold, here you will learn about the top 4 countries that have the cheapest gold rates.

  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, the land of tallest buildings, is a country of a strong economy and profitable businesses. Here, the gold markets are very famous for their quality and purity of the gold they sell at the cheapest rates. People around the globe, prefer to buy gold Warcraft from Dubai because they know that it is the most profitable investment for them. You can also buy gold in Dubai Online as there are a number of gold sellers online. Furthermore, if you are living in some other country, buy gold in Dubai Online would be the best option for you at the cheapest rate.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Another famous and cheapest country to purchase or buy gold is Bangkok, Thailand. Most of the tourists prefer to buy some gold jewellery items from Bangkok whenever they go there. Furthermore, there are many sellers who sell gold online so that you can easily buy form your home. For buying online, you can easily use your credit card or the PayPal account.

  1. Hong Kong, China

If you are looking for making investments in gold, go for buying it from China. Suppose, you are planning to buy gold Warcraft, China would offer you the best and cheapest rates as compared to other countries. In China, everyone can afford to buy some fractions of gold easily.

  1. Cochin, India

In Cochin, India, the prices of gold are very cheapest if it is not the wedding season. During the wedding seasons that is probably from October to March, the prices of the gold might be higher. In the rest of the months, you could buy the gold at the cheapest prices in India.

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