Physical Gold Investment: The Way To Go In Times Of Crisis

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Physical Gold Investment: The Way To Go In Times Of Crisis

Have you ever thought about making a physical gold investment? If so, then you are already toeing the right financial path. Over the last centuries, buying gold has been considered one of the safest and the best ways to safeguard the value of money from the effects of inflations. Not only is gold a safe haven asset, but it is also a commodity that doesn’t lose value. As the economies across the world grapple with inflation and the rise in interest rates, many people are already running away from conventional ways of storing wealth. Instead of saving money in the banks, they are investing in a metal whose value keeps on rising by every passing day.

You too can make an investment in gold

If you are already investing in financial markets, experts advise that you invest up to 20% of your money in gold. This can help safeguard your wealth from losing its value. However, you may ask: how can I make a physical gold investment? The first thing to do is to start buying physical gold. Buying gold in the forms of gold bars, gold ingots, gold nuggets, gold dust or raw physical gold is the first thing that you should do as you start that venture. But, do you know where you can buy this gold from? Well, if you don’t, then we should tell you that East Africa is one of the top most destinations that gold buyers are flocking into.

You can comer to Kampala or Nairobi in order to buy that gold

Starting a physical gold investment calls for the identification of gold markets from where you can buy gold at discount rates. If you are interested in buying high-quality 24K gold at below the current gold market price, then you should consider coming to our physical gold shops in Kampala or Nairobi. We source our gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo. As such, we can as well connect you to artisanal gold miners from the DRC so that you can start buying gold directly from the producers.

Your physical gold investment is just a click away! Contact us now for more details

We are a gold trading entity, sourcing agency, broker, and distributor of gold operating in the East African region. For over a decade now, we have offered both local and international clients a platform that allows them to buy high quality physical gold with ease. Feel free to contact us in case you are interested in buying gold from East Africa. We process documents and do the shipping as well.

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