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We have the highest quality gold for investment in Canada


When I talk about gold for investment I mean 24k and 22k gold because they are the most wanted purity for gold. 24k gold is after purification because its 100% purity while our 23k gold is 98.8% which when purified its absolutely 24k. Our gold is at the most affordable prices from the gold source. Our gold sources are the rich Congo gold mines and other different mines around east Africa. We sell physical gold in bars or nuggets with which you can buy online or physically. It depends on what or how you prefer to purchase your gold by our platform is safe and secure. For more information you can contact us via Skype or through the contact form below.

You can buy any quantity of gold you can afford from us


Trading gold with us makes the trade very simple and easy because each trader buys what they cannot afford without stress or fear. Most people think that companies like us that sell gold from the source only sell to bulk gold buyers but we are a unique trading company that sells the precious metal from as low as 200grams. Our gold is the one used to manufacture the most expensive gold slugs and ornaments. It’s also the gold that banks store in their reserves as a safe haven for their reserves. Remember its 24k gold that doesn’t loose value but instead its value increases as the dollar fluctuates.

Save your for your retirement using our 24k gold


Canada has a high number of adults that do not know where to invest their retirement package. As for me I would suggest that gold is a very sufficient investment that is a no brain and doesn’t need a lot of calculations because it’s a buy and sell business with guaranteed profits especially when you buy it from us. why us? we sell our gold at very cheap prices because we determine our own prices and the market prices never influence ours. Imagine buying gold at the half price and sell it at a higher price. as a safe haven for your retirement package gold will also serve as a source wealth accumulation.

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