ABC’s of how to buy gold

how to buy gold

Is gold a good investment for me?


The reason why gold is a perfect investment for you today I should explain it through the example below. One ounce of gold would buy you nice things 100 years ago. Today, an ounce of gold will still buy you still the same things or even more. Dollars, on the other hand… We all know that a dollar can’t buy the same things it did when we were kids, let alone a century ago. Therefore if you are looking for a way to sock away funds for retirement then you should never think of saving them in dollars? Due to it’s recent consistently losing purchasing power. Therefore you ought to understand that gold today is the best investment to ensure that your 100usd hold its purchasing power decades into the future. Meaning I would recommend you to keep 10-15% of your savings portfolio into gold.

What kind of gold should I purchase?


Buying gold depends on the reason why you need to invest in gold as long-term savings vehicles then you want to buy the best-known bullion products for the lowest possible prices. Fortunately, the best-known products are usually the best-priced options. They are relatively common and their value is determined by their weight, not erstwhile values like rareness or collectability. There are thousands of gold products on the market, Generally, you want to buy gold bars then you must buy them from us in Africa. We have gold at the cheapest prices especially doer bars.

When is the right time to buy gold?


Asking for the right time to buy golds more likely the same as asking yourself when the right time to save for your retirement is. If you are already saving for retirement then you should allocate some of your savings to yellow. Gold is currently in a long-term investment with very high trending prices. It’s not practical to quibble over the day to day spot price. While others try to buy gold when the prices seem low so how about you. Though today there is a speculation about the increase in gold prices due to the tension between the USA and North Korea so investing in gold should be right now.

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