Why buy gold from DR CONGO GOLD LTD?

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Great customer service


DR CONGO GOLD LTD is an African gold company with the best customer care in the gold industry. As a professional and goal oriented company we are proud of ourselves on our unrivalled customer service. Even if we are trading with the world’s most wanted treasures as a competent gold trading company, DR CONGO GOLD LTD is the cornerstone of our business and that working hard to provide our customers with a friendly, secure and straight forward service different from all gold traders in the world. Customer is our boss even if you are buying 200 grams of gold so don’t despise yourself just come and initiate business with us. Credibility comes from most of our customers that have worked with us and are still working with us which is also the reason for the high recommendation.

Low margins of our prices


Low margins of our prices for the 24k and 22k gold should be also one of the ultimate reasons why you should buy gold from us. Our prices are always below the market prices in relation to other companies that are selling gold because we own our own gold mines and also we determine our own prices in the market. DR CONGO GOLD LTD is committed to low price margins providing our customers with excellent value for their investment. Price margins are reviewed on a daily basis at product level i.e. 24k and 22k to ensure our competence and aim to be one of the cheapest gold bullion dealers in the whole world.

Free delivery and shipping for bulk purchases


Unlike the many other gold dealers in Africa and Europe DR CONGO GOLD LTD provides free delivery services and shipping for bulk gold purchases. Our delivery and shipping services are very well committed with high security protocol with all the gold bullions discreetly packaged. So you need not to be worried with shipping and transportation of bulk gold purchases because all is covered if you trade with us. No company in this industry offers free shipping so this should ring to your mind that trading with us limits your expenditures.

No hidden extra costs


No hidden extra costs are also one of the ultimate reasons why you should trade your gold with us because you won’t incur any extra costs that have not been discussed. All costs discussed will be the only costs implemented and presented from the beginning and end of the business trade. This shows you how legit and straight business is when trading with a professional and legit company. Transparency and straight forward nature of DR CONGO GOLD LTD should make it inevitable to do business with us.


Same day dispatch


As soon as DR CONGO GOLD LTD receives your payment for the gold dispatch will be started as soon as possible on the same day. All you need is to send the address and the names of who is to receive the goods as soon as they are delivered. Same day dispatch improves security towards the buyer because you have your own plans why you bought the precious metal. for consultation then you should contact us through the contact form below.




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