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Where To Access High Quality Africa is the place that you can access high quality gold and cheap price compared to other continents.  Gold business is very serious business in the whole of Africa as it is Africa contributes a half of the worlds gold. This involves buying and selling the whole process of trade in gold. The largest tones of gold that come from Africa for example in DRC Congo, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and more African countries is raw gold such as gold bars/ bullion/ dust and more.

Places Where To Access High Quality

Which attracts of buyers to come buy their gold from Africa mostly in DRC Congo, Uganda and the whole of East Africa and Africa at large. Although Africa has got the best quality gold there is it is mostly specialized in raw gold so for those interested in buying jewelry than you should consider places such as, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India.

Which country with cheapest gold on market

The country with cheapest gold on market is DRC CONGO because of the various reasons the main reason is that the conflicts in the country DRC Congo would be one of the richest country in the world due to its minerals and resources that it has got but the country is continuously faced with the continuous riot’s between the armed groups and the government .  3rd of the countries gold is controlled by the armed groups. illicit gold traders in DRC they offer better prices considering to the standard price   internationally.

Not only that the other reason is that since the economy of Congo is still weak gold is offered at a cheapest price following the government policies and recruitments mainly the raw gold through the legal form.  Many plates and website on internet do say that Hong Kong is the cheapest country to buy gold from according to the list of face value prices. According to soverignman.com and so many other websites. Gold is moved out of DRC Congo then moved to the other countries where it is sold no much more price. In Conclusion Congo is the country with cheapest gold and of high quality



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