Gold is just a pure metal from which pieces of jewellery, coins, bars and ingots are made. It is all up to the buyer which form of gold he or she wants to purchase. Mostly female tends to wear gold jewellery and send it as a gift whereas, men make a business out of it. they invest in gold. We are going to explore some options about “where can you buy gold”?


You can buy gold from gold dealers. They run their businesses in the local/ domestic market and on the internet by setting proper websites. On the internet, you have international options for gold dealers too. You may come across a wide range of gold jewellery designs, gold coins designs, etc. This is the only best option if you want to buy gold jewellery.


If you are not looking for gold as a physical commodity rather your intentions are to invest in gold business than you can but ETC’s. These are very same as shares of commercial businesses. Here for each share, you have a backup for gold. There are many websites that can get you to the authentic ETC dealers. This option is suitable for investors. Where can you buy gold? – go to ETC dealers.


It is yet another option for investors who want to become gold investors or looking for other options to expand their investment portfolio. Contract of difference (CDF) gets you the difference of your current gold price with when you invested in.  this option is good for those who want to gain profit from the gold investment. Where can you buy gold? –Make contact of difference through the online world.

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