Why traders should invest in East African gold with DR CONGO GOLD LTD

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Gold as a store of value for uncertainties

Every country has its government creating and maintaining its own fiat currency with gold. Governments create bills and coins as money or to define money and today all governments are issuing paper fiat currencies which have no tangible value except being backed by government decision. Unlike paper money, coins and other assets, gold is the only reliable asset that has maintained its value throughout the years. Gold is not created by government meaning its intrinsic value is not determined by government as well. This is enough to ascertain you invest in gold with DR CONGO GOLD LTD. On a note physical gold will never default on promises or an obligation which has been the case for centuries. It’s because of this many investors believe in the idea of buying and holding gold as a store value. So what are you waiting for you need to invest in east African gold with DR CONGO GOLD LTD.

East African Gold as a hedge for inflation

Economically price inflation is a persistent or substantial rise in the general level of prices for goods and services. Typically in an abnormal economy there is increase in the volume of money which results in to the loss of value of currency or purchasing power. According to economical analysis when price inflation occurs, the price of commodities for instance tangible assets tends to rise as well. However gold is sometimes thought of as the ultimate store of value. Historically gold has served as a useful hedge against inflation. Gold is the perfect venture for you to invest in east African gold with DR CONGO GOLD.

Gold diversifies your investment portfolio.

Good old fashioned portfolio diversification is also a reason to consider when investing in gold. Commodities like stocks and bonds are a viable asset class and are worthy of considerations as a part of any portfolio. Gold as a precious metal in the whole world is a common choice for all well diversified portfolios. There during times of uncertainties like inflation, geopolitical tensions stocks and bonds decline in value as fear and uncertainties rises but gold will still serve as a hedge will remain with its value or increase in value while other assets are losing value.



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