Should an Investor Save money in Gold or Invest in Gold?

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Should an Investor Save money in Gold or Invest in Gold?

When it comes to the issue of how much gold to hold in portfolio assets, different investors have different opinions. Usually, this variance of perspective is individual, taking into account the viewpoint from which an investor looks at an investment in gold. The ones who want some return on their money view gold as a commodity they can sell at a price higher than the one they bought it at. However, a section of investors say that the idea of trading gold for profit goes against the purpose of owning gold in the first place. From this perspective, we can conclude that the main purpose of buying gold should be for saving wealth or for its preservation. In other words, you should buy gold in order to save money in gold.

Save money in gold for a secure future

Since the ancient days, gold has been the primary focus for many prominent wealth savers. For example, central banks, Middle Eastern oil barons, millionaires, and aristocrats all save in gold with the intention of preserving their wealth. However, the truth of the matter is that they save money in gold without considering its monetary performance. As such, their perspective of gold makes them to look at it as a long-term or generational store of value. To them, gold is not an investment per se. Rather; they look at it as a form of money that central banks do not have any control over. Furthermore, with the current turbulence in many financial systems across the world, you must save money in gold so that you can protect it from systematic collapse.

Gold cements wealth over time

Judicious investors can comprehend gold’s ability to cement wealth as time passes by. As such, they do not have any worries at all, even when the price of gold is expressed in fiat currency. If you do not want to incur losses by investing in the financial markets, then you should save money in gold. Holding physical gold is the same as holding liquid money in your hands. There is nothing wrong in investing in gold. However, when you buy physical gold, we do not consider this an investment. In a sense, you save money in gold when you buy gold bars, gold ingots or gold nuggets.

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