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Buy the purest gold from Africa at relatively reduced gold prices


We sell the purest gold at the best-reduced gold prices. Relatively reduced gold prices I mean the lowest prices compared to the international markets. Much as gold prices are increasing we always endeavour to have stable prices at which we sell the gold because we get our gold directly from the mines or source. However our best and reduced prices are only fair when gold is still in east Africa but when it is in other countries the prices go up due to the inevitable expenditures such as security, insurance, taxes and so many others. We only sell physical gold bars and nuggets therefore if you want the highest quality and at low prices, you can contact us through the contact form below.

Buy our gold in bulk at relatively reduced gold prices


Basically, we get our gold from the rich gold mines in the eastern region of Africa. We have been in this kind of lucrative trade for a long time and we have direct connections with the local miners and other individuals who are involved in this industry. Therefore if you are looking for 24k gold at the best gold prices today then you must contact us right now through the contact form below or via Skype. You can make a purchase of your physical gold in either bulk or a handful whichever you can afford though those that will purchase it in bulk stand better opportunities with us. Keep in not that there are no middlemen or brokers when dealing with us meaning we are the gold.

We also provide documentation after purchase


We do legit business because we have the good tax paying record so you should not be scared to come to Africa because you think we sell gold on the black market. No, all our gold is documented and licensed by the respective ministries in the country. Reason for proper documentation is to ensure the safety of the product while in your possession and in the markets.

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