Learn about the gold price basics today

What is the gold spot price?


Gold spot price today is the base price of gold in an unfabricated form without any markup. This so because gold spot prices are taken at different times in different locations around the world. Actually, most commonly quoted prices are the ones quoted from the gold bullion price markets especially markets that influence the market such as New York City, Chicago, London, Republic national bank, Zurich, Paris, Hong Kong and so many others. For example, when buying gold in the United States of America the current prices of gold per ounce will generally be based on the current price in New York or Chicago.

What is the cost of gold?


The actual retail cost gold is the spot or market price, plus a small premium the dealer charges to cover to cover overhead. Therefore if the spot price of gold is $1300 per ounce then you can expect an ounce of gold to cost just a bit more than that from a reputable dealer. Gold prices fluctuate generally throughout the day because of the markets. However buying gold from us is more reliable because our prices are always below the market price. If you are looking for reliable gold prices you should buy gold from Africa, not Europe or Asia because prices are mostly determined by the artisanal miners themselves.

Where can you find current gold prices?


Before you buy gold from us you should always first check the current prices so that you can appreciate our price offers. So many websites on the internet illustrate gold spot prices in the real time as well as an interactive graph for all your gold research needs. Once you know the prevailing prices then call us to know exactly what prices we are selling the precious metal. Viewing the trending gold prices will help you improve your purchasing power with us as soon as possible. For more information, you can always contact me through the contact form below.

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