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Invest in cheap and affordable 24k gold in Mali


Investing in 24k gold in Mali is the perfect decision right now for any investor who wants to invest in gold. The fact that gold in the biggest percentage is contributed by local miners or artisanal miners makes the prices to be friendly by any gold miner. We have that gold with the highest purity and in 24k. 70% of artisanal miners in Mali sell their gold to us which is why we have our gold at the lowest prices that favour representative buyers and the final seller as well. Therefore for representative buyers, if you want to enjoy your trade then you must contact us to initiate business with gold mined from Mali. We have been in the investment for quite a long time but the prices of gold in Mali are the way for wealth creation in the gold trade industry. So don’t you hesitate to come and land your hands on the physical gold?

Invest in any quantity of gold that you can afford


When investing in gold you don’t need to buy quantities that you cannot afford because we don’t offer loans on gold. Gold has a very high resale value especially 24k and besides it also has a great and wide market. So if you ever think of investing in gold you can contact us through Skype or the contact form below. We sell gold from as low as 200grams. so if you know you have well-established buyers who can readily buy your gold without any inconveniences we are here to supply you with the cheapest and best quality gold that is good for your investment. 24k gold is the most wanted carat for gold as well as the only quality that we sell in different formats depending on your preferences but we have it bars, nuggets and gold dust.

Buy bulk gold in Mali and get free shipping


Our bulk purchase start with 50kgs so if you don’t want to transport the gold by yourself then we can help you transport it to your country freely that is if its 50kgs and above. It’s not just an offer but it’s also how we trade. we have been running this business for over 20years now so we have a lot of expertise and we also know lots of people in different modes of transport, therefore, buying gold from us will give you ease to transport your gold safely without any inconveniences.

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