How to invest in gold today

invest in gold today

Physical gold bars or nuggets


For many gold investors, there’s no alternative to having actual physical metal in your possession. A variety of gold coins and bars are available from government mints and private sellers, and you can typically purchase them from coin dealers and other precious-metals retail specialists. The biggest benefit of physical gold is that you own it directly, without any intermediary between you and your investment. Yet physical gold also has challenges, as you have to find a secure way to store it, which can be costly. Also, most dealers charge premiums to the bullion’s value when you buy coins or bars, and you might receive less than the prevailing gold price when you sell.

Gold futures contracts


If you want to have control over a lot of gold, futures contracts are a low-cost alternative, albeit with special risks. Gold futures contracts at the New York Mercantile Exchange come in units of 100 ounces, worth almost $130,000 at current prices. However, to open a position, all you need is a much smaller initial margin investment, and you also have to maintain a minimum margin level. Currently, the maintenance margin on the NYMEX is $4,200, or just 3% of the value of the contract. As you can see, margin offers considerable leverage for investors. But you’re still responsible for losses up to the full value of the futures contract, and you can be required to make additional cash deposits to cover losses. For some, the potential rewards outweigh the risks.

Invest in physical gold with proper documentation


We provide legally acceptable documents provided or written by the ministry of mining and other legal organizations in the country. You don’t need to risk your capital anymore just make sure you contact us through the contact form below as soon as possible. our system favours both small quantity buyers and large quantity buyers because there is the easy transportation of gold to your destination.

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