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Gold Rings For Women

If there are things that perfect men can gift perfect women, then they are gold rings for women. The gold ring is one of the most favorite jewels to give someone you love. They are versatile and can be found in many different styles, customized for different for day to day occasions. In wearing them, you can combine them with other types of rings. When you visit any gold jewelry store, you are likely to find a collection of different gold rings, with perfect designs for every occasion. Many of these gold rings for women come in the version of 18 Karat gold, making it the most durable and the highest quality.

18 karat yellow rings for women

18 karat yellow gold is one of the materials that has always been used in jewelry, especially the gold rings for women. This is why yellow gold rings are so popular. Popular designs of yellow gold rings are those with pearls or mother-of-pearl motifs. There are also rings that strut small stones, whether colored zircons, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or pearls, which accompany the beauty of yellow gold. For big occasions, you will find very special rings, with larger gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, citrine… In these yellow gold earrings, the stone is the true protagonist.

18 Karat bicolor rings for women

In the 18k bicolor gold rings for women, two types of gold of the best quality are combined: yellow gold and white gold. The combination of these two precious materials gives rise to unique designs, in which the silver and gold shine of each gold contrast perfectly. These types of rings are the most versatile you can find: they are easily combined and are appropriate for any formal or informal occasion. That is why they are a great gift if you are looking for a jewel that can always be worn. Some designs are openwork or with different motifs, although many of them are accompanied by 18k bicolor gold rings for women with different gems and precious stones.

Other types of gold for women

The others are 18 karat white gold rings for women, 18 Karat rose gold, and 18 Karat tri-gold. But, how do you know if the ring contains real gold? It is very easy. On a plate, just mix lemon with bicarbonate, and rub the mixture on the ring. Once the gold ring is covered in lemon and baking soda, clean and dry it by rubbing on a white or clear piece of cloth. If the cloth turns blackish, it is not a real gold ring. IF when cleaning and rubbing the cloth remains white, then what you are holding is a gold rings for women.

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