DRC CONGO GOLD . Congo commonly known as the heart of Africa with the worlds second largest river, favorable climate, rich soil that are fertile. The soils of DRC Congo are blessed  abundant deposits of precious metals and more such as gold , diamonds, coltan and other minerals such as oil and so much more.

Is there gold in Congo

DRC Congo is one of the top countries with lot of gold as it takes the third place. Congo has got tones and tones till date more gold and mines are formed in Congo so there is no permanent number of gold that is mined in gold in trade.  In Congo gold is traded in two ways the illegal trade and legal . The most common trade is the illegal trade which is associated by smuggling gold out of DRC  to the international market which is done armed groups and other various people in and out of DRC.

Where is Congo gold found?

Since DRC is the one of  the most country in Africa with lots of minerals and gold as the leading one it has got serval mines such as the Kibali gold mine which is suited 560km north -east of Kisangani. The site is considered one of the largest gold sites in Africa. Dikulushi Mine, Kinsevere, Lonshi Mine and so many others as till date many mines are still being formed in the various lands of DRC Congo

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