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Buy the finest 24k gold from us today at the best prices ever. Are you a gold trader from anywhere across the world? Come and buy gold from us today. We are a company that sells the highest quality, the purest and cheapest gold in the world. This gold is sourced and mined from rich gold mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can buy that gold now through us. All you have to do is to come to east Africa or simply contact us via online. If you are ready to buy gold online come to Uganda or simply make that order now via Skype. We have the purest 24K gold sourced from the DR Congo here.

Buy the finest 24k gold from Uganda today with proper documentation


Buying gold from us defines the legality of making business. So you should never doubt our potential to make business at any one time. Congo gold is sold by small mining companies, locals and Congo gold traders who have legal permits to mine and sell the gold in the country. You will discover that we have operational offices in the East African countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Burundi. Therefore if you really want gold with us then nothing should stop you.

We provide shipping services if you don’t have a shipping company


We offer shipping services for all the gold bought from us especially if you do not have a shipping company or if you need our basis. The kind of shipping service on offer is FOB shipping of the bulk gold purchases. Cash-and-carry buyers, however, can transport their gold soon after buying gold from us. All the necessary documents required for the transportation of this gold will be availed by us. you can contact us through the contact form below or via skype


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