Buy the cheapest physical gold

Buy the cheapest physical gold at the most affordable prices


Buying physical gold means you are buying your gold with cash. Dr Congo Gold Ltd has the best gold prices for physical gold. Buying physical gold is one of the perfect ways of investing in gold. Our physical gold is in gold bullion bars, nuggets and gold dust. However all the gold sold by Dr Congo Gold Ltd is 24k and 22k gold respectively. This is the best form of gold in times of economic crisis that’s why it’s guaranteed to offer maximum security for your investment all you need is to come to Uganda, South Africa and Dubai to get a chance to land your hands on the purest gold with a very high purity level. If you are interested in doing business then you can contact us via Skype or the contact form below as soon as possible.

Attain financial freedom by investing in the cheapest physical gold


Dr Congo Gold Ltd has all the quantities of gold that you would want to hand carry or even ship depending on what quantities you want. Buying physical gold from us is advantageous because it has several merits associated with it. Remember gold in form of gold bars is not subjected to withholding tax. So I recommend all investors to open up their gates of wealth by investing with us. The fact that our gold is at the cheapest prices you are guaranteed to be able to stabilize all your financial instabilities at all cost. All you need is to come to Uganda, South Africa or Dubai to buy the highest quality Congo gold at the best gold

Buy the cheapest physical gold from us with documents


The fact that Dr Congo Gold Ltd has been in business for many years, we know all the risks that are associated with buying uncertified gold. That is why all the gold we sale has international certificates. So trading with us ensures you legality and safety of your materials. This is why we offer documentation for any quantity of gold that you purchase from us. Therefore today we offer you a chance to boost your investment portfolio by buying the cheapest physical gold at the best gold for cash prices here in Nairobi.

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