24k gold on sale for clearance in transit to Qatar

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Buy 24k gold on clearance in transit at half price


Dr Congo Gold Ltd is selling 24k gold in transit due to the Qatar crisis or ban. This gold is to be sold at half price to recover the initial investment. High quality 24k gold was to be supplied to Qatar to a sheik who instructed us to sell it at half price to avoid the risks of delayed transit which may result in to theft of the precious metal. So if you have been looking for the cheapest gold in the gold trade therefore if you are an opportunist this should be your ultimate chance for you to land your hands on the precious metal. For more information about this gold you can contact us through Skype or the contact form below.

Buy 24k gold on clearance in transit in bulk at half price


Our 24k gold in transit to Qatar is on sale for buyers who can buy it in bulk because it’s at half price to recover the initial capital on investment. There are no hidden costs on the investment there for all gold investors in the world are called upon if you are interested but only those with the capacity to buy this gold in bulk. This 24k gold was mined from the richest Congo gold mines in the democratic republic of Congo which means it’s of a high quality and with all necessary document like the UN certificate, quality assurance from the Ugandan government laboratories etc. so it’s safe to buy this gold. For more information you can contact us while the stock lasts.

Cheapest physical 24k gold on transit on sale


Due to the Qatar ban and Qatar crisis Dr Congo Gold Ltd is stuck with bulk physical gold that was to be sold to some sheiks in Qatar. This physical gold is in both bars and nuggets with the highest purity of about 98.8% with a purity certificate from the government laboratory in Uganda. The fact that these goods are still in transit we don’t want to pay much dam rages in custody so we are selling it the cheapest prices you have never imagined because we don’t know when the Qatar crisis will be reviewed to all trade. So if you are interested in bailing us out by buying this gold at cheap and negotiable prices then you are welcome. You can contact us through the contact form below or via Skype.


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