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Characteristics That You Should Know

Characteristics That You Should Know

Characteristics That You Should Know of gold is one of the most demanded metals in the whole world. The most attractive points about gold are its different physical properties: resistance to corrosion, malleability, brightness and ductility. In addition, gold is also a highly valued metal because it is both beautiful and rare. Because these values and other aesthetic characteristics; gold is currently in high demand. As we saw in our previous article, it is important for you to know your gold before buying it. Today, we will talk about the characteristics of the 24 carat gold – vital information for anyone planning to start buying gold.

The 24 carat gold is maximum purity of gold

As a matter of fact, the 24-carat gold is 100% pure. However, the problem with this level of purity is that the gold is in its softest form, which makes it difficult to use it to make certain jewelry, pieces or objects. The main characteristic of 24-carat gold is that it has a higher value in the market due to its high level of purity. This makes it more expensive than the 21-carat gold or the 18-carat gold. However, 24k gold tends to be cheaper than platinum.

This gold is also known for being highly malleable

The 24-carat gold is extremely malleable, so it needs to be mixed with other metals to give it greater consistency, hardness and durability. If gold jewellery is crafted from 24-karat gold, it could lose its shape in its entirety. In addition, the 24-carat gold is very susceptible to knocks or impacts. As a result of this, the highest quality is usually embedded using other objects or pieces in order to make it harder. It is easier to make relevant gold pieces using this method. One other way of doing so is by mixing 24-carat gold with other metals in order to make it harder and more durable. However, when these procedures are applied, the 24k gold suffers a reduction in its quality. It either becomes 18-carat or 21-carat gold.

Characteristics That You Should Know

Our 24 carat gold does not rust

Gold is a metal that does not rust because it is highly resistant to corrosion. This is one thing that increases its durability over time. In addition, it does not lose its shine and maintains its color permanently. When the gold is 24-carat gold, these characteristics are more accentuated than in other variations or types of gold. Furthermore, pure gold is unaffected by air, moisture, heat, or most chemical solvents. Due to this, it is easy to identify if a piece of this type is authentic or not. All you have to do is to carry out a simple “reaction test” against solvents in order to discover if the gold in question contains alloys with other metals.

The purest gold is yellower and brighter in colour

One other characteristic of the 24-carat gold is its brightness and yellower colour. Other types of gold purity, such as the 18k gold have a wide range of colors, since they are mixed with other metals. Some common 18K gold colors are rose gold (made out of gold and copper) and white gold (usually crafted from gold and nickel).

This type of gold is also the choicest amongst investors

While the 24-carat gold is occasionally used in the making of fine jewellery, it is more commonly used in investment items such as gold bullion and coins. As we saw in our previous post, gold bars have many advantages, among which are:

  • They are easier to store. As such, you won’t spend much on custody costs because they occupy less space and concentrate greater value.
  • 24 carat gold bars are usually produced by governments, mints, or manufacturers who adhere to strict quality standards.
  • Finally, every piece of gold bar is accompanied by a globally recognized certificate.
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