The gold Souk, an Arabic word for market, across the world is filled with many forms of investments in gold products. Gold shops exist just in every street of major cities in the world, posing a challenge on how to verify the credibility and the genuineness of gold sold in such shops. Most gold shops will always brand their gold items; however, this does not sometimes guarantee purity.

For an assurance that the gold you have bought is of high quality, confirmatory tests have to be made. These tests should be made by laboratories accredited by The International Federation of Jewelry, where the gold has to be assayed before its release to the market. By exposing the gold to an X-ray florescence or an ICP-OES (Inductivity Couple Plasma Emission Spectrometer), which is a chemical process; the quality of the sample will be determined.

Just like the common adage goes, all that glitters is not gold! You need to know where to access your best and quality gold buys because a 24 or 23 Karat gold can sometimes turn black after a few years of use. We will therefore, in the next paragraphs focus on the gold market, especially where you ought to go if you want to buy tons of high quality gold.

In Thailand, the gold market has an astonishing quantity of gold of exceedingly good quality and value. Gold Craftsmanship in this part of the world is exquisite, although they are elaborately cheap. The country has the Best gold prices in the world with a not more than four percent over and above the world’s gold spot price. The mark price of gold in the west market is above 40% yet Thailand sells items with the best gold quality of either 24K or 23K at prices far below the international market prices. Although there is no system of hallmarking in Thailand, most shops stamp the gold pieces. The shops you can visit so that you don’t get raw deals are Tang To Kang and Hua Sen Heng.

Gold nuggets, bars and other products with a purity degree of 92.82% can be found in DRC Congo. The 24 karat gold from DRC Congo is product of genuineness and high quality gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is no adulterated gold here, owing to the fact that most African Countries still lack the acumen and the criminal artifice in faking the product. Interested buyers can contact Black Rock Minerals LTD or Sud Kivu Gold Mines SPRL, all credible suppliers of precious minerals in the country.

For a business entity that wants to make a ton high quality gold sales, then the Philharmonic; a coin of the greatest popularity in world and a product of the Austrian mint is what one can settle for. The 1Troy, .5Troy, .25Troy and the .10Troy all carry legal tender face values of 100, 50, 25 and 10 Euros respectively. These philharmonics and other gold bars can be bought from Innsbruck and The Austrian Mint Shop. It should also be noted that almost all banks in Austria sell Philharmonics and gold bars.

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