Buy bulk gold in Africa

Why you have to buy bulk gold purchases


As DR CONGO GOLD LTD we are dedicated to assisting our investors or customers get the best out of the gold investment. This reason why we urge you to always invest in bulk quantities at discounted prices. You need to know that buying gold in large quantities comes with a lot of advantages. First and foremost on an investment point of view, you will be able to take advantage of whole sale prices because we cannot treat a bulk purchase the same with a small quantity purchaser. We always provide low prices per ounce especially for those that are purchasing in bulk hence maximizing their discounting prices. Remember buying gold from us means you are buying from the source and indeed you which is why you always need to buy all your gold from us.

Gold purchasing power with DR CONGO GOLD LTD


DR CONGO GOLD LTD offers discounts on physical gold from as low as 10 to 20 kilos. Before buying the precious metal from we update you with the prevailing international market prices such that you get the energy to appreciate our discounts. Customers with a high purchasing power we guarantee you discounted prices on our premium prices that are also below the market prices. Purchasing the yellow metal also guarantees you a benefit of 4% cash discount especially on orders paid cash or bank transfers. However, those with orders or purchases from 50000USD and above should always contact us below the contact form or via skype so that we can negotiate business. Keep in mind that our prices are low when gold is still in Africa

Buy gold directly from the source or refinery


Most people in Europe and Asia think that you can only buy gold from the source or refinery as a company because they want bulk purchases. But that is not how it is in Africa especially with DR CONGO GOLD LTD. We sell gold from individuals to companies at low and affordable prices through discounts always favour the bulk purchases. We also do not have any qualifications or applications to determine who is qualified to buy gold from us and who is not because what makes you qualify to do business with us is the ability to buy what you demand. We offer a chance to everyone who wants to do wealth creation by not discriminating buyers which are why we offer standard benefits of buying the mental in bulk, for instance, competitive discounts, flexible payment options, free shipping and insurance. So if you want to do business you can contact us to have a lengthy discussion or consultation.

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