Why Are Diamonds So Expensive
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Why Are Diamonds So Expensive

Why Are Diamonds So Expensive to know how expensive diamonds are you need to understand what diamonds are these are solid from of the element called carbon its atoms are arranged in a crystal form called diamond cubic.

Although diamonds are expensive but there are not the most expensive metal among the five precious metal .

The beauty of diamonds

The first thing that attracts you to a diamond is its beauty nature most precious and beautiful creation. Diamonds the hard metal among all the popular precious metals.

Answer to Why Are Diamonds So Expensive

It is in record that diamonds are the hardest materials on the earth. Unlike other metals diamonds are vert rare to find according to the records many mines of gold platinum and other metals do exits compared to the number of diamond mines.

Size and the quality of the diamonds does play a major role to the price of the diamond.  Diamonds are used as luxury in jewelry.

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