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Although Gold mining investments and trade in The Democratic Republic of Congo have always been affected by constant civil unrests, the security situation in the country is getting back to normal.
The battle for survival by many small scale and artisanal gold miners versus the commercialized miners still continues. This competition has increased the productivity of the mining sector in the country, making it one of the world’s top most destinations for investors in the gold mining and trade industry.
Gold mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo is full of investment returns. However, the first area of concern before undertaking the gold business in the country is to understand the political dynamics in the whole region of East Africa. Costs of operations too must be considered. It is strikingly important to notice that issues pertaining labour in the DRC do not attract heavy investments as there is ready but cheap human resource, in case an investor wishes to employ the human resource in the mining activity. This labourforce, although not skilled is ready to learn.

With the greatly improved infrastructural development in the road, railway and air transport sectors; transportation of gold in the country is not a challenge. Gold is not only portable, but can easily be transported in cost-effective units at low costs. We therefore ask ourselves a question: Why is it important to invest in high quality gold business in DRC? We recommend that you consider the following answers:


 Great value for money: Gold bars and gold dust with a purity degree of approximately 92.82% are easily accessible in DRC Congo. Ranging from the 18 karat to the 24 karat, genuineness, high quality and great price deals on gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo is what an investor gets. With basically no cases of adulteration of gold here, an investor or business entity stands to lose nothing. In addition, the country has established companies that mine and sell high quality gold. This means a trader or investor is assured of acquiring a genuine mineral or product and obtains great value for his money. Such companies include Sud Kivu Gold Mines SPRL, Buy Congo Gold, ltd and Black Rock Minerals LTD, among the many existing.
 Great price deals: Buying from the source in its raw form is what an investor enjoys, especially when buying from children and women who mine in small scale. A 23 Karat gold piece can go for as low as $30, a deal that an investor can’t access anywhere in this world.
 Easy accessibility to transport: In as far as infrastructure is concerned; the DRC faces a challenge that any other African country doesn’t. This is with regard to road transport As a result of the conflict that span many years, road transport networks were damaged or left to depreciate. However, the above problem has led to the development of light aircraft fields that can be a resource to easy transportation of gold products. The country’s extensive forestlands only allows for connection to gold mines through paths that are used by the natives. These natives also act as agents of potterage, a cost effective means of transport that eases accessibility to mines and mining fields.