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There are very many countries in Africa with gold meaning there are also many companies that trade or sell gold. However, you have to be very careful because there are many companies selling gold but very few are legit. Buying the precious metal helps you to eliminate all kinds of risks in the trade. So if you are a gold trader trying to look for gold then you must buy your metal from us at the lowest prices possible. We have the purest and the highest quality gold in the world. Most of our gold is sourced from the richest Congo mines and east African mines. This defines the reason why our biggest vault is in Uganda.

Did you know that you can buy any quantity of gold from us at our best prices?


We have the purest 24k and 22k gold mined from the rich gold mines. So if you have been looking for the best opportunity to invest in gold then it should be right now because we sell our gold at the best prices that are affordable and at prices below the market price. When you are buying gold from us you will be able to buy what you can afford for instance you can buy gold from as low as 200grams to any amount. However, we can also supply 50kgs of gold monthly. You can contact us through the contact form below or via Skype so that you can get a chance to land on the highest quality gold mined from DR Congo.

Buy gold from us and also get legal and proper documentation and shipping


Once you buy our gold, we will take upon ourselves to process all the documents related to your gold. Small scale buyers buy without any hassles. They can transport their gold to any destination across the world after buying from us. On the other hand, large-scale buyers will have the opportunity of having their gold shipped under the FOB arrangement

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