India is considered to be the home of gold that is why its gold Jewelry is very famous but “24k gold jewellery Indian” has a different charm.  Due to its excessive popularity, whether through advertisements or by word of mouth, people often look for buying it but very few know the exact advantages and disadvantages of it. One must be fully aware of the pros and cons before making the buying decision.

So, Let’s discuss some.


It consists of 99.9% Pure gold which means, all its 24 parts are gold made and there’s no slightest addition of silver, platinum, copper or other metal. Its elegant colour pattern makes it look admirable and nothing less than a treasure but “24k gold Jewelry Indian” has fewer pros when it comes to counting its reliability or durability in jewellery.


There are some strong cons when it comes to shopping for 24k gold jewellery Indian, such as; it’s super soft nature. Pure gold can easily be bent or folded because its production is all pure. It scratches and loses its lustre easily. 24k gold gives out a warm orangish feel. It is super expensive.

How to know that buying “24k GOLD JEWELRY INDIAN” is the right choice?

It chiefly depends upon the buyer that what is the purpose behind his buying. Each person looks for their interest. Sometimes the strongest cons are the biggest pros such as; if a person wants to secure a big amount or wants to invest in gold than buying 24k gold jewellery Indian is the right choice to make but if the same person wants to buy engagement ring or simple routine necklace than 24k gold is not the right category, due to its soft and scratchy nature. Whereas, wedding sets could be a better choice.

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