Perfect time to invest in gold

Now is the right time to invest in gold   Today is the right time to invest in gold because of the declining value of the dollar. Economically when currencies fall the value for gold rises up this makes it READ MORE

Tips on how to invest in gold

Invest in gold with reputable gold dealers OR company like DR CONGO GOLD LTD   Investing in gold should always be with a very reputable gold dealer or company to eliminate risks in the trade. So it would be very READ MORE

Cheapest physical Congo gold

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  Physical gold is the best investment one can hold as to keep value of his or her money because it’s a universal finite currency. The same way family is not an investment even gold bullion or bars is a READ MORE

Gold is the right investment for you

  If you are looking for an investment venture it should be gold. Gold is the most highly treasured mineral since the ancient times. The high demand for gold today is mostly fueled by jewelry manufacturing companies and electrical companies. READ MORE