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South Africa is a country of many good things. Gold is one of those things. South Africa is regarded as the world largest producer of gold. This makes South Africa a very fertile and important country in the world. South Africa is also the important exporter of other raw materials. As we all know that from 2004, gold increased by 58% which is very good for the country. Gold has played a big role in benefiting the economy of South Africa for the past 120 years

In this South Africa there are different cities known for different significances. Gold mining has made certain cities be recognized. These are the cities where gold is mined. We mention cities like Johannesburg, Benoni, Wit bank, etc. But it is a known fact that gold is mainly in Johannesburg. Now here comes the situation of mining.

Many rich South African people are rich because of gold. You can appreciate the importance of gold in any way you like but what matters is how is that gold found? It is found in the mines and in the mines there are miners. Mines conditions are almost similar for all the mines. South African mines have been having a poor safety record. This led into many accidents reported in the mines. But all in all they’re trying by all means to improve safety in South African mines.

These mines are also very deep in length. They are about 4 kilometers long. The most challenging part in mines is gold extraction. Gold is hardly extracted from its ore. About 5 parts for I million of ore are gold. Don’t you think that’s hard enough? That’s one of the reasons why miners strike a lot.



    It is true that gold has been very advantageous to South Africa. This includes many infrastructural developments. The cities where gold is mined are having tarred roads, strong electricity generated, clean water, proper housing and so on. This all contributes to the development of South Africa as a country.

    As it has previously been mentioned how gold has benefited this country economically, money has been the most important product of gold. Just imagine how the country would be without enough money. The money that and richness that is all over South Africa is majorly attributed to by the enormous gold deposits the country is blest with. This has even benefited other countries. Many citizens are moving from their countries to South Africa to try and find better life. Tourists are always in South Africa because of its wealth. This is because South Africa is much richer because of gold.
    We have to again note that 15% of the world gold produced in 2002 was from South Africa. Although it went down to 12% in 2005 this didn’t make any big change because during the same year of 2005 South Africa made about $3.8 billion via gold. It doesn’t end there with gold and South Africa. We are also proud to say that in almost 50% of world’s gold reserves are in South Africa. These are all great facts about gold in South Africa.

    Beauty, decorations, shining and other uses are some of the things that emphasize gold significance. Gold has played another big in the making of jewellery. Rings, necklaces, bangles and so on are some good examples of jewellery. People are showing their beauty just because of gold. This jewellery is also sold to improve South African economy. There are other important uses of gold. These include electrical appliances, orientation, wires and so forth. There is absolutely a lot to say about how great gold is in South Africa.